Beaumont School of Interior Decorating & Design Courses.

Interior Decorating & Design

The Student is given very comprehensive notes in full colour that include sketches and illustrations for each subject. Also the Student will experience hands-on put colour schemes together to give them practical experience.

The students are given copious amounts of brochures from companies within the Industry to assist with expanding their product knowledge.

On completion of the course, each Graduate will have a portfolio of works that will showcase their skills to prospective employers or clients.

Students are provided with the following equipment:

Drafting board to suit A3 size paper, scale ruler, adjustable set square, drafting pens, pencil & rubber, A3 tracing paper; masking tape, paints, paint brush, furniture template, symbol template, carry bag & personalised binder.

This course is open to anyone who has an interest or love of design, decorating and colour and wants to understand it on a deeper level

Colour Psychology

Have you ever wondered why you wear certain colours and not others? Why you are drawn to using certain colours in your home? Or why there are some colours you just don’t like?

We are surrounded by colour in our environment, we are colour, we eat colour, yet we don’t consciously understand it’s affect upon us.

Whilst the science of Colour Psychology has been around for over a hundred years, a little known fact is that ancient cultures knew about the healing qualities of colour.

Drawing from both the science and esoteric fields, and using the Colour Wheel as the reference…

Feng Shui for The 21st Century

Today as the Eastern and Western cultures become more intertwined we find ourselves taking the best from each and creating a more blended approach to life.

With this course we have endeavoured to create a new perspective of Feng Shui that combines the essence of the Eastern ideology and merges it with the more practical attitudes of the West. I have purposely left out any reference to superstition, this is not to say that it is wrong, just that in relation to Interior Decoration and Design I believe it complicates the issue and takes us away from the real and original intent of Feng Shui..