Colour, Décor & Design Specialists

Beaumont School of Interior Decorating & Design has been educating in the use of colour, décor and design principals for over 48 years.  Tracie Rodwell-Dunne, the owner and lead trainer has, over the last 22 years since taking ownership of BSIDD, shared her award-winning experience with many successful professionals.

Colour changes environments.  Understanding how to use colour, décor and design to create positive change in any space is the principal behind all online and classroom courses we have created at Beaumont School of Interior Decorating & Design.

Use colour to change your environment. Beginner & Advanced. Courses includes:

  • Visualisation
  • Colour & Light
  • Colour Science & Colour Wheel
  • Natural Order of Colour
  • Practical Implementation

Understand the essential principles of great home and office décor. Course includes:

  • Elements of Design & Decoration
  • Selection and Use of Colour
  • Decorative Textiles & Fabric Designing
  • Window Treatments & Furniture Designing
  • Trends & Elements of Modern Decorating
  • Design & Space Planning & Lighting Plans

Create balance, harmony & abundance in your spaces. Course includes:

  • The Bagwa
  • Energy Flow
  • Use of Mirrors
  • Understanding Clutter
  • Creating Balance & Order

I have always used colour in my professional career.  Refreshing my knowledge with Tracie Rodwell-Dunn was fantastic.  The Colour Psychology not only reinforced what I had been doing, but also provided me with additional insights and practical ideas that I was able to integrated into my work.  Time well spent and highly recommended.

Beginner to Advanced Courses

All courses facilitated by the Beaumont School of Interior Decor & Design are created to ensure that regardless of your current skill & knowledge level, you will feel engaged, encouraged and comfortable with your learning space.

For existing professionals, a knowledge refresh is critical to ongoing commercial & market relevance.  All advanced courses assist with this ongoing learning.

If you are entering into the industry of interiors, or simply want to understand how to refresh your home or office, all beginner courses are perfect to raise your understanding and knowledge.

International Education

Beaumont School of Interior Decor & Design offer classroom training programmes in Australia and New Zealand.  There is a greater learning that occurs in a face to face environment as all the BSIDD courses are incredibly interactive.

In the event you are not able to attend face to face, or live outside of Australia or New Zealand, online courses are run throughout the year.  These include regular Q & A sessions, assessments and mentoring.

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